Marta Zawadzka

Every story has its beginning. Intuition Yachts is based on the passion for yachts, which began in 2012. At the time, the founder of the company during education came across the yacht called "Intuition" and its main designer, the famous Juliusz Strawiński. He took her under his wing and infected with his passion for design.

After years of learning, the company is ready to meet the customers' needs by providing complex design and modelling services.

The mission and the biggest dream of the organization is that each designed yacht becomes a yacht traversing the waters of the world. Will it be your yacht?

Our team consists of experienced engineers with a wide range of technical knowledge and extraordinary creativity. As a result, we are able to match the team of professionals to the needs of the client, to meet even the most complicated projects. Our engineers can also support our client during prefabrication as a supervisor. Both during the new construction and during the reconstruction of the boats.

Trust us and let us know each other. Ask for our portfolio.

Marta Anna Zawadzka - founder of "Intuition Yachts". She won two titles at Gdańsk University of Technology in the field of design and management in the maritime economy. Yachts are her hobby and at the same time work. She completed numerous professional experience both at home and abroad in such companies as, among others: Gdynia Shipyard SA, Polish Chamber of Maritime Economy, PRS, Surge Projects and in particular Yacht Studio Strawiński.

To broaden her horizons, she moved to one of the European yacht capitals - Majorca. She gained experience in a company managing yacht construction projects, and then she tried her hand at designing their interiors. Thanks to these experiences, she expressed her sense of style and developed a passion for elegant and luxurious interior decorations.

The passion for sailing and the hours spent at sea allow Marta to get to know individual yachts from the user's side. As a result, the designs are not only well-thought-out visually and technically, but also aim at ergonomics and continuous improvement of standard solutions.