You can buy the i550 and build it yourself (partially or completely). Buy a project with aluminum sheets and equipment. We will help you make your dream come true as far as you need it.

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i550 - specification
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Vmax = 25 kn
Kategoria C

Boat i550 symbolize a new approach to spending time with your loved ones and is an ideal place for socializing on the water. The picnic table is the central point of this 5.5 meter open recreational boat. Despite the relatively short length, the boat has 6 seats and a comfortable mattress for a blissful rest after eating together.

i550 is a motor boat designed for recreational sailing in coastal waters (cat. C). The hull and the entire structure are made of aluminum alloys, intended for the construction of sea-going vessels (5083). Used fittings and equipment are the highest quality. Boat is designed using materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and wood. The concept of the boat assumes the possibility of a wide configuration, e.g. wooden or synthetic floor, and a wide range of upholstery made of selected materials. Thanks to this, we can provide each unit with a unique design.


  • Designed as a family picnic boat
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Safe, unsinkable

The range and autonomy of swimming

The operating range of the boat is in accordance with design category C – boats intended for voyages in coastal waters, large bays, lagoons, lakes and rivers where wind forces up to and including 6o on the Beaufort scale and significant wave heights up to 2 m, inclusive, may occur. It is estimated that at an optimum cruising speed of approx. 12kn, the unit will stand approx. 9.5h (110Mm), and at a maximum speed of 25kn, it may be approx. 3h (70Mm).


i550 has designed a layout for a typical recreational motorboat. There are separate seats for a crew of 6. Seating benches will be installed in the front, which can also be used as deckchair. Further, amidships, there is a double wheelhouse with a sliding backrest, and on the other side there is an aft bench where guests can sunbathe. The seats have been specially designed with regard to ergonomics. They are characterized by high comfort of use both during recreation and while driving a boat. There is a spacious glory hole on the bow. In the aft seats and below the deck, a special space has been designated amidships for storing removable yacht’s equipment. There is a drawer fridge in the seat of the helmsman( from passenger side).