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i600 - specification

i600 is a “must have” for anyone who is looking for a boat not only with an attractive appearance, but most of all boat to let you actively spending time on the water. Wakeboarding, surfing, fishing, bathing or lazing in the sun? This fast, comfortable 6-meter-long motor boat fits perfectly into the broadly understood coastal recreation.

The shape of the hull is a combination of a bit of the last century’s classic with a dominant hint of modernity. Bold colors and unusual spatial layout distinguish the boat from the competition in its class.

Thanks to its striking appearance, classic design and versatility, the i600 is the perfect solution for an unhampered, active stay on the water. It is definitely a sports boat with an “energetic” character.

Construction concept

The hull of the i600 is characterized by smooth, unidirectional shapes. Therefore, it can be built from aluminum. On the other hand, such characteristics favor composites. Deck shapes are more demanding / advanced. Laminates can also be used here, but aluminum is not excluded.

Thanks to this dual of the i600 concept, we can afford an innovative hybrid of composite with aluminum. It is an innovation introduced more and more often in modern boats – the deck is made of laminate and the hull is made of aluminum. The whole boat can be made of both laminate and aluminum separately.


There may be a small cabin or a store room in the bow space below the deck. The large space on the bow deck gives the possibility of unfolding the mattress and additional space for sunbathing.

i600 is very functional. Users can sit facing each other on couches along the sides. Swivel seats at the wheelhouse also allow face-to-face conversations with the captain. The shape of the hull makes it easy to enter the boat both from the bow and the stern.

The aft platform has been planned so that you can easily get into the water and back on board.


In the case of the i600, both the outboard and inboard engines will be perfect.