You can buy i800 and build it yourself (partially or completely). Buy a project with aluminum sheets and equipment. We will help you make your dream come true as far as you need it.

i800 - specification

This motor boat is a TENDER that even the most exclusive SUPER YACHT would be proud of. Elegant styling in fashionable colors is not everything. The boat is equipped with a small cabin that allows two people to stay overnight and plenty of free space outside. i800 is very versatile. In addition to the main purpose, which is the transport of guests from small ports or beaches to SUPER YACHTS, it will be perfect as a “PICNIC BOAT”. It allows for comfortable and free recreation in the vicinity of distant and inaccessible corners of the world. Thanks to the appropriately selected deep “V” -shaped bottom, the boat bravely copes with difficult sea conditions, such as the wavy Norwegian sea.

i800 is characterized by a bold combination of non-standard, interesting beige and mild green. It is characterized by a minimalist Scandinavian style of boats with simple, but very functional elements of equipment.


According to the customer’s wishes, the concept of this boat allows the use of an outboard or inboard engine.


The length of the boat is eight meters. This promotes ergonomics and provides enough space to feel like in your own living room with sea view. i800 is equipped with a platform with easy access to the water or to the harbour. It was designed so that the captain had good visibility.

The i800 has 6 seats and an aft sofa. In addition, thanks to the spacious bow deck, it is possible to set up additional sunbeds. Below deck there is a cabin and a small toilet with shower. On cold days, 6 people can hide spending a nice time at the table. The table also folds down and can be turned into a comfortable double bed at night.


Due to its simple shape, we recommend aluminum for its construction.