ECO-14 is a conceptual design of a 14-meter ecological motor yacht with electric drive system. She is dedicated to recreational sailing on inland and coastal waters. The co-authors of the project are: Marta Zawadzka and Juliusz Strawiński.

The "ECO-14" line was created with the thought of sailing in comfortable conditions. Thanks to the specially selected electric driving system, silent and vibration-free operation of the engine is possible, and the lack of exhaust emissions allows reaching the hidden places of the world protected by the environment.

The interior design was made in four different spatial layout configurations. Each of the concepts is intended for a suitably defined customer:

  1. Private tourist and family yacht for a 4-crew members;
  2. Charter yacht for a 6-crew members;
  3. Yacht adapted for the navigation of disabled persons;
  4. A conference yacht for a crew of 12 people.