Solliner 31 cabin

Solliner 31 cabin is a 9-meter catamaran designed to provide comfort for 8 people during the day and a comfortable stay for 4 people at night. Equipped with 3 cabins, a bathroom with a shower, a galley, a comfortable couch, and a practical table – everything you need for long water trips with family and friends.

Thanks to the electric drive, you can enjoy picturesque views without noise or annoying emissions. Additionally, the option to enclose the deck allows for use even on colder days.

Solliner 31 cabin - specification


The unit will be equipped with an electric propulsion system with a motor power of approximately 2x15kW or 2x25kW (depending on the chosen option), along with the corresponding energy bank and a set of photovoltaic panels.


On the main deck of the yacht, there is a galley with a kitchenette, which can be fully enclosed. This space also includes a designated dining and relaxation area. In favorable weather conditions, this area can be open, while in case of inclement weather, it can be closed.

Below deck, in the hulls of the yacht, there are two single cabins, one double cabin, and a bathroom. The entrances to the cabins are located on both sides of the helm, providing easy access and comfort.

The seating on the deck has been specially designed for ergonomics and provides high comfort both when steering the unit and during relaxation. Additionally, there is plenty of space on the deck, allowing for easy movement of the crew members.

The unit is also equipped with lockers for storing non-permanent equipment, as well as various details such as cup holders, a large table, or a drawer fridge with easy access, providing comfort and functionality on board.


CABIN 1 is located in the left pontoon of the catamaran. It is intended for two people and equipped with a double bed with storage space underneath (see FIG. 9). Additionally, there are shelves above the bed and a wardrobe at the entrance, providing sufficient space for storing personal belongings.

To ensure proper lighting, reading lamps and ceiling lighting will be installed in the cabin. The window in the cabin will be equipped with blinds, allowing for light regulation and privacy. Additionally, a 230V socket will be installed in the cabin, allowing for the connection of electrical devices, and an additional window in the ceiling will introduce natural light into the interior.

CABINS 2 and 3

CABIN 2 is located in the left pontoon of the catamaran and is separated by a door from the double CABIN 1. It is accessible through direct access from the main deck on the left side of the helm.

CABIN 3, which is identically equipped to CABIN 2, is located in the right pontoon and is a mirror image of CABIN 2 (see FIG. 10 and 12). Both rooms have single beds with storage compartments underneath and shelves next to the bed.

In both cabins, there are two traditional ceiling lamps in the ceiling, providing proper interior lighting. Additionally, there is a reading lamp on the wall next to the bed, allowing for comfortable reading before sleep.

Each of the cabins is equipped with a window with blinds, allowing for light regulation and privacy. Additionally, there is a 230V socket near the bed, allowing for the connection of electrical devices.


The toilet is located in the right pontoon of the catamaran and is separated by a door from CABIN 3. It is standardly equipped with a countertop sink, mirror, and cabinet above it, creating a practical and aesthetic space.

In addition to two ceiling lamps, there are local lights installed near the sink, providing adequate lighting when using the toilet. Additionally, there is a 230V socket in the bathroom, allowing for the connection of electrical devices.

Water from the shower drains through a special yacht “greting” (grate) made of teak wood, giving the toilet a unique and elegant look. A towel rack will also be mounted on the wall, providing a practical solution for storing towels.

Additionally, the toilet has compartments for cosmetics, allowing for organized storage of necessary items. At the end of the bathroom, an electric toilet with a macerator will be installed, providing convenience and functionality for use.