Canna One – When nature meets technology

As Intuition Yachts, we are pleased to take part in an unusual project, which is the production and sale of the unique Canna One boat. It combines modern technologies and classic design, ecological solutions and the possibility of spending time on the water in the old-fashioned style.

The dynamic development, not only of the Polish yacht and motorboat industry, poses new challenges for boat manufacturers. They try to introduce to the market modern solutions that will conceptually look into the future in order to stay ahead of the competition and introduce added value to the market. Canna Boats is such a project. Its creators, including Intuition Yachts, are launching soon a prototype of a modern and ecological boat from the technical side and very classic in terms of design.

Classic as an inspiration

The intention of the design team was to create a unit whose users would be able to experience emotions in the “old style” while using new technologies. The constructors were inspired by the legendary Runabout motorboat,. Characteristic style and classic design are typical of Runabout boats. However, destiny is to quickly move four to eight people on the water. Small, fast, durable and classic are the common features of the Canna One and Runabout motorboats.

When nature meets technology

In the present world, we are witnessing the rapid development of technologies, the main idea of ​​which is to meet the increasingly stringent standards related to ecology. The motorboat and yachting industry is primarily faced with the challenges of exhaust emissions, noise and waste generation. Canna One is an attempt to face these experiences. The electric motor, the plant fiber composites and the use of ecological varnishes correspond to the new trends in the production of eco vehicles. Canna One designers target 65 to 80 percent use. materials of natural origin and are going to reduce the carbon footprint during production by approx. 80 percent.

Electric motor

Noise and exhaust fumes are side effects of using internal combustion engines.. Eco-efficiency requires replacing them with zero-emission and quiet engines. Canna One will be equipped with an integrated electric drive, powered by lightweight batteries. During operation, it will not generate pollution and will ensure trouble-free and quiet operation. The electric drive is always ready for operation and immediately reaches its maximum torque after starting.

The hull taken from nature

Eco engine is not everything. The hull of the Canna One will be made of NFC, i.e. Natural Fiber Composites (composites made of natural fibers). They are an innovative alternative to traditional composite structures made of glass-fiber reinforced polyesters with comparable properties. Bio-composites make the individual “slimmer”. Thanks to the lighter structure, the boat will be more maneuverability. It will also be more economical to use green energy stored in lithium-ion batteries.

This solution is a response to the situation related to the problem of non-recyclable boats made of glass fiber reinforced composites after their life cycle. We are talking about units built in the 80’s and earlier. The International Council of Maritime Industry Associations (ICOMIA) has estimated that there are over 6 million recreational craft in Europe alone. The increase in production and consumption has obviously led to an exponential increase in the amount of waste. With millions of old boats being landfilled, the global shipping industry faces an environmental challenge over the next decade.

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24 Jun 2022